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We offer, individualized, self-paced, video lessons that let you learn the tech skills you need, in an affordable, flexible, and surprisingly enjoyable way.

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Professional development has been the same since 4000 B.C.
(or at least it feels that way)

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There Is A Better Way.

It's time to leave the stoneage behind through Kyte Learning's fresh approach to classroom technology training. Gone are the days of cafeteria style P.D. that fail to cater to individuals needs, leaving teachers disengaged and administrators in the dark on the true progress of their staff's development.

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For Teachers, By Teachers

Kyte Learning brings together the best and brightest teachers who are experts in their content areas. We understand that there is no substitute for a good teacher (pun intended). That's why we are constantly on the lookout for skilled creators to contribute to our ever-growing library of ed-tech content. If you have something to share, we want to compensate you to get it out of your brain and into the hands of thousands of other teachers across the globe.

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