Peninsula School District Case Study


Offering professional development to teachers has always been a challenge with most teachers having so little time available. So, with two goals in mind, Peninsula School District’s Technical Services Department started offering online, asynchronous, professional development courses this year to both certificated staff and classified staff. Our primary goal was to offer fun, engaging, 21st century technology content – and that’s where Kyte Learning comes in. Kyte’s content serves this purpose well. The video modules are often under five minutes, so if staff want to achieve some learning before school, during their lunch, or even at a doctor’s appointment, it’s easy to do. Staff aren’t going to forget where they left off because each video module watched has a green checkmark by it. So it is easy to begin a unit, part from it, and then return later exactly where you left off. I have noticed that teachers are online at 9 pm, Saturdays, and during their lunch periods; this asynchronous system offers a level of flexibility that truly benefits our staff.
Our second goal at Peninsula was to have staff use our LMS (Schoology) to complete these courses. That way staff get some experience working with our LMS which was introduced just last year.
Our first course was called Google 101 which was a 12 week course. As illustrated on the right, we wanted to keep each week at about two hours. So, most of Kyte’s units fit nicely into a one week unit (a few weeks we combined two topics). Elementary, Middle, and High School staff signed up for this course.
With Kyte’s help, we quickly and easily learned how to embed Kyte’s content using LTI ( Learning Tools Interoperability) packages into the weeks’ unit folders. An example of the Google Forms content and lessons are to the right.
Kyte Learning’s courses and
materials have been very well
received and we look forward to a continued successful relationship with them; building innovative, technology rich, and engaging professional development.