Assessment Tools

22 Courses
  • Kahoot!

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Ashley Johnson

    Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system. Create and play quizzes, discussions, or even surveys in real-time using any device with a web browser. Students engage in the game-based assessment platform which can transform mundane and ordinary classroom environments into highly engaged and active learning environments.


  • Socrative

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Ashley Johnson

    Socrative is an assessment tool that allows students to use a variety of technology devices to take formal and informal quizzes and assessments online and have the results reported back to the educator. The results are then presented in an easy to understand representation that helps teachers make correlations that they might have missed with more traditional assessment methods.


  • Answer Garden

    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Ashley Johnson

    Answer Garden is an awesome student response tool that allows you to present a question or topic to a group, gather responses and display responses in a word cloud. This tool can be used as an effective brainstorming, discussion, and icebreaking tool in and out of the classroom.


  • EDpuzzle

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Rob Bentley

    EDpuzzle is an online tool that allows you to take videos from an online source, edit or trim to the parts you need, and add your own voice or annotation to the video with a built in quizzing feature. EDpuzzle is an excellent tool for flipping the classroom or creating a video lesson.


  • Padlet

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Ashley Johnson

    Padlet is an awesome virtual version of old school sticking post-it notes to the board with additions that make it an exciting collaboration tool for the classroom. Padlet allows teachers and students to share ideas, links, photos, files, videos etc. to an online board that can be utilized in many different forms. Padlet is a great addition to any classroom.


  • Study Stack

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Keith Smedberg

    Study Stack is an efficient way to study and memorize information using online flashcards. These online flashcards generate ways to learn the information that they contain by searching for relevant information on the web. In addition, the study of these materials is designed to be presented in multiple ways to keep the participant focused and interested.


  • Quizlet

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Sarah Eyring

    Quizlet is a study tool that can be used to create and share flashcards, tests, and study games with students. It can be used on many platforms as it is browser based and has iOS and Android apps.


  • Plickers

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Janae Hunt

    Plickers is a free formative assessment tool perfect for the iPad classroom. You’ll need a computer with internet access (Mac or PC), and a tablet, iPad or smartphone. This course will walk you through how to set up a Plickers account, how to get your classes and cards set­up, creating and organizing your question library, how to use the app in your classroom, and how to access question reports.


  • Quizizz

    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes  |  Created By: David Gomes

    Quizizz is an easy to use assessment tool that generates multiple-choice “Quizizz” that are fun and exciting for students. Students work through these Quizizz at their own pace and can receive immediate feedback. As a teacher, you receive real-time detailed feedback that can be used to inform your teaching practices and target intervention.


  • Classkick

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Kristi Kimble

    Classkick is a whiteboard application for iPads that student work use to complete assignments or practice problems. Teachers can give problems directly on Classkick, that students then respond to. If they get stuck they can request help from the teacher or other classmates with a click of a button.


  • Mastery Connect

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Greg Cox

    This course will focus on the online assessment tool MasteryConnect. You will learn how to setup a tracker, create and administer an assessment, and look at data.


  • Nearpod

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Vicki Morgado

    This course will instruct educators about the power of Nearpod and how it can be used to deliver content. Participants of this course will also learn how Nearpod can be used to address assessment.


  • RubiStar

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Tessa Brown

    RubiStar is a free, online tool that creates rubrics. Teachers can make their own rubrics, as well as research ones that other teachers have made. Teachers can use either a Mac or PC to access the site.


  • Creating Bingo Cards using Excel

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Jason Cross

    This course is designed to create a set of BINGO cards for use in classroom situations. Although the process of creating a BINGO card might not look complicated it is actually a great way to learn and teach the Random Number function, Cell References, Cell Sorting, and the use of Macros. These three skills can be used by both teacher and student to make exciting projects that are only limited by the imagination. The example at the end is a handy fully functional BINGO card generator for use in your classroom!


  • Canvas Quizzes

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Tessa Brown

    This course is designed to help teachers create quizzes using Canvas. By the end of the course, teachers will be able to access and modify question banks, insert additional information into quiz instructions, change options for quizzes including quiz availability and restrictions, and explore the variety of question types. Teachers who would benefit best from this course already have a basic understanding of Canvas.


  • Google Forms

    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Stacci Barganz

    This course will train users on how to use Google Forms, which are great for survey writing, assessments, and collecting data. This course will both train you on how to create a Google Form document and some sample ideas on why you might want to use them.


  • Boundless

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Jessica Schouweiler

    Boundless is an online platform for modular textbooks, many of which are free or at an affordable price. Boundless offers quizzes, PowerPoints, and Canvas Integration.


  • Grade It!

    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Clarissa Draper

    Grade It! is an apple app that allows you create percentage grade scales for the number of questions assessed. It costs $.99.


  • GradeCam

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Jessica Schouweiler

    Gradecam is a digital tool that scans assignments, grades them instantly, and provides analysis of the class and individual assessment.


  • Formative

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Ashley Johnson

    Formative is an online assessment tool which allows teachers to engage students in interactive lessons while collecting formative data. Teachers create assignments using a variety of question types. Following, they assign and monitor student’s work live. Receiving live, real-time results allows teachers to provide feedback, as well as provide just-in-time interventions. Formative can be used it as an exit ticket, comprehension check, or a back-channel discussion. Formative can be used on all devices.


  • Flubaroo

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Jason Cross

    Flubaroo is a Google Apps addon that turns Google Forms into a powerful testing platform through the ability to auto grade assignments.


  • Using Google Forms for Assessment and Feedback

    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Jeffrey Keil

    Using Google Forms for feedback and assessments is an excellent way to quickly, efficiently, and accurately assess your students. You will be able to create different success criteria and assess students on a variety of different assignments with relative ease. This program can be used for students in kindergarten all the way to 12th grade.