Learning Management Systems

11 Courses
  • Google Classroom Mobile App (iOS)

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Michael Hakkarinen

    Google Classroom is a Learning Management System available with a Google Apps for Education Account which helps teachers create, organize, and share assignments quickly, provide efficient feedback, and communicate with students in their classes from one convenient location. This tutorial will focus on using Google Classroom on a mobile device.


  • Canvas

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Michael Hakkarinen

    Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that encompasses tools from the K-12 classroom and delivers them from teacher to student back to the teacher. This tutorial will focus on the 2015 and beyond version of Canvas, which is what you are probably using if your school implemented Canvas during or after 2015.


  • Showbie

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Mindy Branson

    Showbie is a dynamic workflow app that allows you to assign, collect, and review assignments all in one convenient app. Showbie provides free and paid versions of the service. This LMS makes going paperless easy and stress-free for the teacher and student. There is a free and paid version of Showbie; this tutorial will focus on the paid version which can be accessed through any web browser, iPhone or iPad with the app installed.


  • Edmodo

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Michael Hakkarinen

    In this video course viewers will learn how to use the free online “Social Learning” site, Edmodo.com. The Edmodo network lets teachers share content, distribute assignments, and communicate with students, parents, and other teachers through the site.


  • Schoology

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Stacey King

    Schoology is a free online Learning Management System for online and/or blended learning. In this course you will learn about the features of Schoology, how to create a course in Schoology, networking through Schoology, and some course organization tips and tricks.


  • Haiku Learning

    Estimated Time: 3 Hours  |  Created By: Stephanie Tello

    Haiku Learning is an online K-12 learning platform that allows you to create, modify and publish content when you are ready. This tutorial focuses on creating a page through www.haikulearning.com and implementing the daily use of www.myhaikuclass.com. The course includes information on how to embed third party content and sites to your learning management system. The site is free to use for an individual teacher with 2GB of storage included.


  • Canvas Quizzes

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Tessa Brown

    This course is designed to help teachers create quizzes using Canvas. By the end of the course, teachers will be able to access and modify question banks, insert additional information into quiz instructions, change options for quizzes including quiz availability and restrictions, and explore the variety of question types. Teachers who would benefit best from this course already have a basic understanding of Canvas.


  • D2L

    Estimated Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Wendy Melnick

    Desire2Learn is an interactive platform that empowers teachers to leverage the best educational pedagogy to motivate and challenge their students. Whether your classroom is blended or fully online eLearning, Desire2Learn, or Brightspace, provides teachers with a platform that will hold all of their content, assignments and rubrics much like a website, but also allows for robust assessment and evaluation, including timely and descriptive feedback and detailed course analytics in a secure, password protected environment. Typically this platform is a service that school boards purchase for their school system.


  • 3D GameLab

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Jessica Schouweiler

    3D GameLab is a gamified Learning Management System that replaces assignments with quests and grades with experience points.


  • Google Classroom

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Jesse Buchholz

    Google Classroom provides educators a place in which they can create an actual classroom without having to know a programming language or intricate HTML code. With Google Classroom, educators can create classes, add students, send and receive student work, grade, give feedback, and create a completely interactive and immersive classroom experience for any student, any time, any where.


  • Moodle

    Estimated Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Leigh Little

    Moodle is a free Learning Management System (LMS) that can help teachers create a blended learning environment based on pedagogical principles. The blended learning environment allows for students to move at their own pace. Moodle can be provided for free through your district or individual school.