Algebra Touch

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Ashley Johnson

Algebra Touch is an iPad application that teaches algebraic concepts. By dragging and tapping numbers and operators between terms, users factor and combine numbers until the variable is isolated. Feedback and reflection of algebraic concepts are provided through specific, direct feedback within the app.

Objective: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to use the Algebra Touch app to practice algebraic concepts. Participants will follow explanations of algebraic concepts provided within the app, then advance to individual practice of the concept. Participants will eventually be able to input customized algebra problems in the app.

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Readiness: For resources that focus on learning to use technology and that help build the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards.

This course provides foundational understanding of technology skills and contributes to a teacher’s readiness in the following areas:
Assessment, Problem Solving, Digital Fluency