Estimated Time: 30 Minutes  |  Created By: Jordan Caldwell

This course will teach users how to operate and use Aurasma. Aurasma is an augmented reality app that allows users to make Auras (an interactive image or video) appear to create an augmented reality experience to increase engagement. This occurs after an image is focused in by using a camera of a portable device. The Aurasma app is a free app and works on iOs and Android devices.

Objective: The learner will be able to create their own auras and channels to share with students to make images and content within the classroom come to life.

iste readiness seal

Readiness: For resources that focus on learning to use technology and that help build the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards.

This course provides foundational understanding of technology skills and contributes to a teacher’s readiness in the following areas:
Communication, Design, Creative Expression, Digital Fluency, Media Fluency