Calculating Weight on Different Planets using Microsoft Excel

Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Jason Cross

Before taking this course you should have taken the Excel Basics course or be well-versed in Excel. This is a complete course that a teacher can utilize to understand Microsoft Excel better while creating an amazing worksheet to use in their classroom. After completing this course, the teacher could train students how to create this project and could be modified for advanced math students as well as students in primary grades.

Objective: After completing this series the learner will be able to: Work with 3D Cell References Create a Formula Appropriate for Data Types Research Data for Computation Insert Images Change Font and Text Styles and Alignment Change Cell Backgrounds

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Technological Content Knowledge:

This course provides an increased level of technological and content knowledge needed to apply technology in new ways in your classroom.

For the perfect lesson combine this with strong pedagogical practice.

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The technology used in this course when implemented in a classroom lesson will provide a functional change or improvement to the classroom. This technology augments the current practices and leverages the technology to enhance specific functions of the work.

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This course includes components of the natural world, including laws of nature, physics, chemistry or biology. In addition this course may contain knowledge that can be used to direct the engineering design process.


This course utilizes technology or teaches components of technological programs across a variety of systems, people organizations, and knowledge. Every technology tool requires a base level of understanding that can be considered part of this course. Technology as part of STEAM can be used as a tool for science, engineering and arts.


This course contains elements of curriculum around the patterns and relationships of numbers, quantities and space. The concepts of mathematics are utilized in science, engineering and technology.