Estimated Time: 2 Hours  |  Created By: Michelle Zey

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that encompasses tools from the K-12 classroom and delivers them from teacher to student back to the teacher. This tutorial will focus on the legacy version of Canvas, which is what you are probably using if your school implemented Canvas prior to 2015.

Objective: At the end of this course teachers will be able to use Canvas as their LMS in the classroom. They will use Canvas to create and deliver courses, modules, discussions, assignments, and quizzes to their students, collect content, give feedback and grade.

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Readiness: For resources that focus on learning to use technology and that help build the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards.

This course provides foundational understanding of technology skills and contributes to a teacher’s readiness in the following areas:
Assessment, Planning, Communication, Digital Fluency, Media Fluency
16 Lessons