Evernote for iOS

Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Michael Hakkarinen

Evernote.com is a free web application for taking notes, uploading files and images, and sharing information online. Evernote is also available as a mobile app for SmartPhones and various tablets. Mac users also have the option to install the Evernote app for Mac onto their computers. Evernote will then allow a user to access all of their uploaded and Evernote created content on any device thanks to a fast sync with the Evernote server. This makes note taking in the cloud simple and easy.

Objective: In this video course viewers will learn how to connect their Evernote accounts to the iOS app in order to access all of their notes and notebooks from their iPhone or iPad. Although it is recommended that viewers first watch the Evernote Web App video series first, the first video lesson will cover how to create an Evernote account directly from your device.