Number Line

Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Ashley Johnson

The number line has become a model used daily in mathematics classrooms throughout the country. The use of the number line encourages students to understand arithmetic in counting and measurement contexts. Number Line is a multi-platform digital version of the traditional number line. Number Line can be used across grade levels to support students and teachers in picturing number sequences and illustrate strategies for counting, comparing, and basic operations with whole numbers.

Objective: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to manipulate the tools within the Number Line app to demonstrate sequencing. Participants will be able to use Number Line to use jumps to compare numbers as well as basic operations involving whole numbers.

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Readiness: For resources that focus on learning to use technology and that help build the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards.

This course provides foundational understanding of technology skills and contributes to a teacher’s readiness in the following areas:
Assessment, Problem Solving, Digital Fluency