Sight Reading HD

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes  |  Created By: David Yonteff

Sight Reading HD is a music app designed to help the user identify notes on a grand (piano) staff. This course will show the user how to fully use the app, in both personal training and in a classroom setting. Sight Reading HD has both free and paid versions.

Objective: The learner will be able to use Sight Reading HD to practice note recognition on a grand staff. The learner will also gain some insight on how to use this app in a classroom setting.

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Technological Content Knowledge:

This course provides an increased level of technological and content knowledge needed to apply technology in new ways in your classroom.

For the perfect lesson combine this with strong pedagogical practice.

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The technology used in this course when implemented in a classroom lesson will not provide any functional change to the classroom. This technology serves as a direct substitute for traditional methods of content delivery, assessment and completion.

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This course utilizes technology or teaches components of technological programs across a variety of systems, people organizations, and knowledge. Every technology tool requires a base level of understanding that can be considered part of this course. Technology as part of STEAM can be used as a tool for science, engineering and arts.

Art and Design:

This course utilizes the creative process for the purpose of designing with imagination and creative skill. Creative art skills contribute to science and engineering.