Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Karen Eini

Tricider is a free, versatile, online survey, and brainstorming tool that is efficient and simple to use. Tricider enables you to post a question to your students and invite them to collaborate in the discussion by contributing ideas and responding to posts from their peers. This course will teach you how to design Triciders, implement the resource in the classroom, and maximize stimulating discussion with Tricider.

Objective: By the end of this Tricider course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to create compelling Triciders. Tricider will engage and empower your students by collecting their ideas, opinions, and facilitating classroom discussion. Course participants will learn all the steps required for creating Triciders, such as: adding ideas and discussions, voting, and sharing the results. Participants will acquire a collection of tips, tricks, and practical applications of the Tricicider tool, as well as pedagogical ideas for exploiting the power of implementing the resource in the classroom-- either as a part of a blended-learning or the flipped-classroom model.