Estimated Time: 1 Hour  |  Created By: Karen Eini

TweenTribune is a free online not-for- profit K-12 resource for teachers maintained by the Smithsonian. Registered teachers have access to a vast collection of Lexile-leveled, Daily AP news articles, self-scoring quizzes, critical thinking questions, lesson plans and much more.

Objective: By the end of the TweenTribune course you will be familiar with the range of resources and tools that TweenTribune has to offer. You will know how to find and assign relevant educational content, track quizzes, and writing assignments and enable students to express their opinions within a safe learning environment. You will have the insight and knowledge to be able to leverage TweenTribune to help your students improve their reading and critical thinking skills without the fear of a high stakes test, but true engagement in the reading process.

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